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Welcome to Biophive, manufacturers of natural pet treats, chews and supplements made from 100% New Zealand free range venison, lamb and beef.  We source the best premium ingredients to set us apart from others.

We use no artificial ingredients, additives or colours. Great for your pet's coats, bones, teeth, health and general well being.

Our treats, chews and supplements are from non allergenic species and are single sourced protein.

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Venison Jerky

Web Antler small

Venison Antler Small


Lamb Ears


Lamb Liver


Small round grey


Supplement overview

Beef Ears 2

Beef Ear


Lamb Lung Cubes


Venison Liver

Lamb Femur

Lamb Femur Bones


Venison Antler Medium


Beef Weasand socked over a Venison Shank Whole


Medium oval honey

neutraceuticals reverse2

Supplement ingredients


Venison Lung

Venison Antler large

Venison Antler Large


Lamb Gullet

resized Venison Shank socked with Beef Weasand halves2

Beef Weasand socked over a Venison Shank Half

Web Beef Weasand Plait

Beef Weasand Plait


Dog Joint Health Formula

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Care Instructions


Venison Spleen


Lamb Spleen

Web Lamb Hoofer half

Lamb Hoofer Half

Beef Weasand Twist

Beef Weasand Twist


Dog Longevity Fomula

Web Venison Ears2

Venison Ears


Venison Tongue


Lamb Hoofer Whole

Beef Weasand

Beef Weasand

Cervine Femur

Venison Femur Bones


Dog Skin and Coat Formula

Lamb Trachea

Lamb Trachea


Venison Weasand


Lamb Weasand


Puppy Formula

Web Venison Gullet

Venison Gullet

Web Venison Hoofer 4

Venison Hoofers


Venison Paddywhack

WebVenison Ribs 1

Venison Ribs


Cat Longevity Formula


Venison Scapula

resized Venison Shank socked with Beef Weasand halves

Venison Shank socked with Beef Weasand Half


Venison Shank socked with Beef Weasand Whole

Venison Trachea 1

Venison Trachea


My dog can’t get enough of the venison chews. They are his favourite snack by far. Thanks SO MUCH, Biophive!

Mrs C Smith, Gore

My farm dogs turn circles in their kennels for the lungs!

Robert, Manawatu

WE LOVE when mum comes home with our Weasand covered Shanks, I jump high with excitement!

Baxter & Roxy

“These are interesting, puffed up lamb lung… gross. They smell pretty terrible but Degen was like YEAH BUDDY about them. Unfortunately for Degen, our cat Oreo was also all YEAH BUDDY and literally beat him up for these.”

Bark Box customer, USA

“KC does like these treats. She hardly chews before them swallowing.”

Tracey, Manawatu

“We love the stuff from Superior Farms. My three love all things Superior Farms and stand at the cabinet waiting for some one to open the door and give them some.”

Bark Box customer USA

“I have a dog that is a very picky eater and he was goes nuts for the Superior Farms Waffles!”

Pauline, Manwatu

Treat sample arrived this morning :D The dogs mowed it down, even the working dog who is very fussy with her food! We also have a little farm dog puppy, will definately get some to help with her training - thanks so much :D

Sam, Manawatu

Biophive Hip & Joint formula My pit bull has had surgery on three of her legs and she was always stiff after she'd been asleep or after a play date. I tested her on every supplement on the market, and I found some that were ok, but never totally eliminated her symptoms. I'd used both green lipped mussels and deer antler velvet on their own, but never together and the results from the Biophive Hip & Joint were extraordinary. She is more stable on her feet, she has no stiffness after resting or playing and she's more agile than she's been since she was 18 months old, and she's now almost 7. I've told everyone I know about Biophive, including her surgeon!

Sophie D