Good for Teeth

Taking care of a pet’s teeth and gums is very important for their overall health. These products help to maintain good dental hygiene and heath.

Good for Training

One of the main uses for treats is to assist with the training of pets as a reward for good behaviour. These treats are ideally suited for use as rewards as part of training.

Good for Playing

Pet-lovers use treats to help create a closer connection with their pet. Taking time out to snuggle with these treats is good for the wellbeing of the pet and also good for the wellbeing of the pet-lover.

Good for Allergies

Some pets are sensitive to specific ingredients and some pet-lovers want to make sure the treats they use are allergy free. These treats only contain real meat and are suitable for pets with sensitivities.

Good for Keeping Busy

Pet-lovers enjoy seeing their pets happy and busy with a treat that holds their attention and keeps them occupied. These treats help keep pets busy and entertained.

Good for Variety

Sometimes pet-lovers just want to provide their pet with some variety to keep things interesting for them. These treats can be used with their normal daily food to help give them some flavour and texture variety.

Lamb Treats

Beef Treats

Venison Treats

Other Treats

Good for large dogs

Good for medium dogs

Good for small dogs

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