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  • We have a great working relationship. They never seem to run out of stock and if we need a favour they help out

    Brand Owner.

  • We never run out of stock of products from Biophive, which is not the case with many of our other suppliers. They are really organised, things tick along really well with Biophive. They are a good supplier.

    Brand Owner.

  • Our consumers love the idea of the utilisation of the whole animal; such as using the trachea, hoofs, lungs etc and combining different parts of the animal to create new products, that is innovation. It feels like nothing goes to waste. Our consumers really like that.

    Private Label Retailer.

  • Consumers have a strong perception of trust and cleanliness which is very unique to New Zealand. When we talk about grass fed and we show beautiful images of New Zealand, that’s powerful stuff.

    Brand Owner.

  • Consumers like New Zealand as a supplier of pet products, they appreciate the quality of the pristine agriculture and they perceive New Zealand as having a good story about sustainability

    Private Label Brand.

  • The Biophive team have a uniquely kiwi customer service style, they are friendly, honest and responsive and nothing is too much trouble.

    Brand Owner.

  • The sustainability angle is very important with our consumers, whether it is how the animals are farmed, the manufacturing process and sustainable packaging, they are really interested in the stories that go beyond the product.

    Brand Owner.

  • We have created brands based on sourcing stories. New Zealand lamb provides a point of difference, it is held in high regard.

    Brand Owner.